Friday, 29 November 2013

Amazon exploiting workers and destroying small buisness

What about in the uk were amazon exploits the unemployed by taking advantage of these "so called back to work schemes!" were your forced to work for free in these big places gaining work experience stacking boxes and mindlessness tasks like that....

amazon also crushed small business online because seo is now impossible if you not amazon ebay who are now number 1 for everything (taking up some times the results 1....2....3).

even though amazon and ebay aren't the best results for some reason or other the search engines wnanna rank these guys top? hmmmm........

Amazon are evil in my book

 I think that amazon are not a friendly company they stamp out competition and even make it impossible on the search engines for a small website to even be noticed.
Amazon destroy small businesses here in the uk..... Even if a small specialist seller competes on price. search engines favor amazon ebay and will list them consecutively multiple times over again on top results and in the ads section too for search results for any random product now........surely amazon ebay arent the best result for every single product on earth and their better more specialist sellers out there... but there is a biased and small businesses are dead now!!!!!! DOWN WITH AMAZON AND EBAY NEVER SHOP ON THESE SITES WHICH ARE JUST GREED AND EVIL. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR BEFORE THE CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH IS GREAT FOR THE TOP PEOPLE THAT 99% LIVE IN POVERTY AND WE LIVE TO SERVE THE RICH......

Amazon annoy me!

Amazon exploits the vulnerable you can get forced or loose your benefits to work for company's like amazon in the uk... Why not just give people real jobs? why does the government let this big company exploit people and get free labor? Plutocracy is to blame.

Oh yeah amazon really is annoying even if you aint part of it..... if you are a small business you cant get your site at the top because of the biased towards amazon ebay and whatever else just about for any result you search for now...... The small guy is being squeezed to death and exploited by the rich ceo's at the big company's..... oh well hell awaits them.

small businesses cannot compete with amazon and not the way you might think..... even if a small business matches amazon ebay on price search engines rather rank these sites every single time to be number 1..... usual way to rank is from backlinks these big sites dont need backlinks to rank just have a unfair advantage and can now rank for any random odd item sometimes with multiple pages all listed on the top results.

Small businesses are being destroyed and the small guys ie you and me are being crushed at every angle by capitalism and annoying fat rich pigs who rule the world.